27 September 2011

Where Time Begins

Mercy me! Where does the time go? I've been negligent in my blogging duties and haven't even posted half the things I thought of while I was at Great Dixter. Perhaps a retrospective will make its way to these hallowed screens sometime. Soon? Maybe.

And so we fast forward to the present. I am back in England studying for my MA in Garden History and what better place to be for the subject? Of all the countries in the world, England has to be the most garden-centric. With upwards of 800 gardens in England alone, I don't expect to be bored while I'm here! While the first week was filled with induction and I really should have been diving into my studies to get a head start,  instead, I decided to do a little exploring of my new surroundings.

Week 1: Greenwich

Greenwich 09.23.11 007
Old Royal Naval College, Greewich
Now the site of the University of Greenwich

Greenwich 09.23.11 008

Greenwich 09.23.11 005

Greenwich 09.23.11 015
The Chapel

Greenwich 09.23.11 013

Greenwich 023
The Painted Hall
Used as a dining room for special occasions

Greenwich 022

Greenwich 037
Longest perennial border in the world, or so I'm told. During WW2 the Flower Garden in another part of the park was planted with anti-aircraft guns. After the war the park was restored.

Greenwich 034
Where time begins
In the courtyard above, people are queued up waiting their turn to straddle the Prime Meridian. In doing so, half of you is in the Western Hemisphere while the other half is in the Eastern Hemisphere. Good party trick!

Greenwich 030
Greenwich Park, site of a Roman settlement and the oldest enclosed Royal Park

Greenwich 006
Local culture

Greenwich 004
Local flavor!
Living and studying in London? Historically speaking, pretty darn awesome! In the coming weeks I will make it a goal to post interesting snippets about the places I visit and gardens and garden topics I study. Stay tuned for a bit on Egyptian gardens and the ancestral home of Vita Sackville-West's family, Knole.