13 March 2009

Flower Friday and OMG(alanthus)! It's Spring!

Where does the time go!? And what's up with the weather? Weather on the East Coast is nothing if not surprising. One week we're up to our mudrooms in snow, the next it's spring! No sooner had the snow melted than the Crocus popped up and with a collective trumpet announced, "We're here!". The Galanthus (otherwise known as Snow Drops) refused to wait and burst through the snowfall. Such tenacity in so dainty a plant! Don't even get me started on the Eranthis hyemalis!

Here's what Spring looks like to me:

Snow piled up on my back steps (courtesy of the snowplow).

Can't imagine why no one is sitting outside today.

The first Crocus to bloom in front of my house

Ta-da! Galanthus elwesii at Swarthmore College

Crocus at Longwood

Eranthis hyemalis
Even the IPM cat is excited!

And this Salix caprea at the nursery (I think? I should have looked at the tag!) is getting into the act.