07 December 2008

I Love (and hate) LA!

As moving day approaches with the alarming speed of a bullet train, I find myself thinking about all the things I will and won't miss here in LA. There are the obvious things like traffic (won't), friends (will), smog (won't), breakfast at Julienne (will), traffic (won't), the weather (will), traffic (won't - oh, did I mention I won't miss the traffic?). But sometimes there are days when something unexpected happens that makes me realize how awesome a place LA is. Take this for example:

That's the B2 Stealth Bomber, one of the "Spirits", doing practice runs over the Rose Bowl. And it flew right over my house! I wonder if it's the 'Spirit of Pennsylvania'?! Awesome!

Then there are the sunsets on the beach:

Notice the gratuitous Palm silhouetted in the foreground. So LA.

Over the weekend I spent quality girl time with a dear friend and fellow gardener and as we wandered through a nursery tucked away behind a shopping center, we were captivated by the glow of the setting sun on a stand of trees.

In a few short weeks I'll be leaving my lifelong home town and moving to PA where today's high is a full FORTY degrees colder than it is here. My new housemate warns that I should take lots of warm clothes. Sure! Yeah, my closet is crammed full of warm clothes (snort!). At least I won't have to deal with a lot of traffic, though I'm looking forward to getting stuck behind a genuine horse and buggy. Better than being warned to look out for stopped cars. Did I mention I won't miss the traffic?

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