31 October 2008

Flower Fridays and OMG! We got weather!

Today I was in Santa Monica, minding my own business, programming a client's irrigation timer when out of nowhere - and I mean nowhere - it started to rain. At first I thought it was the neighbor's sprinklers or one of the contractors playing a trick on me. Then it dawned on me - it's raining! Real precipitation! Sure, it only lasted for two minutes but it had the contractor foreman running around hollering, "It's RAINING!" as if we all had been newly emerged subterranean cave dwellers who had never seen water fall from the sky before. It was vastly entertaining.

At least we got some weather. And I see the Philllies finally won the World Series in spite of the stupendous meteorology they've been having. To think, in a few short weeks I'm going to be living in it! Ack! I'm expecting to arrive and see a garden that looks something like this:

When people first learn that I'm moving to Pennsylvania in the dead of winter, their first reaction is one of mingled shock and horror. The explanation for my bizarre decision is met with fascination and respect capped off with this inevitable question: "What will you do in the winter when it's snowing?". As a California native born and raised, I'm kind of excited about finding out what I'll do in the winter when it's snowing. When I lived in Minnesota I spent my time in the kitchen baking and gained 800 pounds. Maybe this is the year I add cross country skiing to the list of things I've learned after 40 (right after "stay out of the kitchen in winter")!

Fortunately with all the studying, gardening, and knitting I'll be doing there won't be time for baking. Well, maybe a pan of brownies. Either way, I'm all set with a healthy stash of wool!

Oh, and Happy Holloween!

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