15 October 2008

West Meets East

I'm sure there's a name for the phenomenon that happens when you, say, buy a new car and suddenly notice everyone else has the same vehicle. I like to think I was responsible for the surge in red pick ups three years ago because no sooner had I driven mine off the dealer's lot when they began to appear everywhere. It's the same with moving to a new state. To wit:

When I want to stop for a cuppa on the way to work I exit the freeway at Pennsylvania Ave. My favorite TV character's hometown is Stillwater, PA (Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, we're gonna be neighbors!). And the Philadelphia Phillies are in the playoffs against the LA Dodgers, making which team to root for a difficult decision (go, uh, Dollies?). And last but not least, the breaking news that a man from Pennsylvania ate a 20lb burger! Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself:;_ylt=AirW49Z4TKl7otJ5.NWQdjRsaMYA

Based on the bus advert, I wonder if it was a buffalo burger? Well, it's obvious that there'll be no end of entertainment options in Always Sunny PA!

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