10 April 2010

Making Scents

A few years ago at the LA Flower Show, an enthusiastic rep from a rose breeder was trying to entice show-goers to experience the fragrance of his roses. His call of "put your nose in and give it a snort!" was effective and memorable.

This weekend, visitors will do well with just a demure sniff, as Longwood debuts it's first major exhibit, Making Scents: The Art and Passion of Fragrance. Actually, if you have keen olfactory senses, all you really have to do is inhale. The conservatory has been transformed into a horticultural parfumerie with scented spring blooms and flowering shrubs wafting their fragrance into the air and making you feel as if you've stepped into a bottle of pricey perfume! And in the gardens, blooming bulbs and trees offer their own aura to the spring air.

The exhibit has been three years in the making. When our Director, Paul Redman, discovered that a perfume company has been collecting the scent of Longwood's flowers for years, developing the concepts behind this exhibit were put into motion. We were treated to a preview (and delicious snacks) in the Ballroom yesterday. Check out this video about the exhibit and stay tuned for more photos of fragrant flowers.

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