21 April 2010

A Few of My Least Favorite Things or When Gardeners Go Doolally!

Way back in our Cubicle Days a friend and fellow gardener who now resides in New Mexico (Hi, Kim!) and I would fill the tedious hours by co-writing silly stories about our esteemed work colleagues. Strangely, they were all garden themed mysteries featuring someone sporting a trench coat stalking mist in a dark alley and the sudden flash of a street light off the gleaming steel blade of a hand-forged trowel. Good times!

Even though we now live many states apart and garden in completely different zones, the tradition continues as the following gardening song, composed via an e-mail exchange, will attest:

A Few of My Least Favorite Things
(to the tune of The Sound of Music's "My Favorite Things")

Aphids on roses and flea bites on kittens
White powder mildew and no shade for sittin'
Brown dried up grape vines all tied up with string
These are a few of my least favorite things.

Cream colored Peonies with crude hacker slashes
Pollen that tickles my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that last clear through spring
These are a few of my lease favorite things.

Garden designs that look like wild doodles
Late frost and hoar-frost on plants they are brutal
Canada geese that eat all my seedlings
These are a few of my least favorite things.

When the ticks bite, when the bees sting,
When I'm feeling sad, I remember my least favorite things
and then I really feel so bad!

If this horticulture thing doesn't work out, maybe there's a future in the songwriting business? Right. Perhaps I'll just stick with my day job!

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Danilo said...

clever! great inside jokes for gardeners!