29 May 2012

London Garden History Walk

OK, I'm a little late since the Chelsea Flower Show ended on Saturday, but it's never too late to get a copy of Tom (my tutor) Turner's London Gardens Walk. It's an eBook containing a map with a 30km walk, cycle, or ride route to places in London which illustrate different eras and styles of garden history. It was published to coincide with this year's first annual Chelsea Fringe festival, which is still going even though the flower show is over.

The printable .pdf route map includes sites of the Fringe festivities so if you're in London for Chelsea or the Jubilee (I'm getting a wee bit excited about that, aren't you!?), there's still time to catch these events.

For more info on both the London Gardens Walk and Chelsea Fringe 2012, check out these websites: and

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