20 May 2009


The garden is coming along and so far all the required crop families have their representative members: zucchini (Summer Squash) for Curcurbitaceae, tomatoes for Solanaceae, lettuce for leaf crop, onion for a root crop, snow pea for Legumes, corn for uh, corn and cabbage for a Cole crop. I just need a Tuber. There are so many options for the tuber crop that I was having a hard time choosing when a small voice at the back of my head decided me:

To those of you thanking me because now you'll have that song in your head ALL DAY LONG, you're welcome!

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Anonymous said...

What kind of plantd are you growing and consuming at this place? After watching this video, I am a tad bit worried. I am going to have to petition for a medical release to come check it out.