08 April 2012

Happy Easter!

There was a charity benefit Big Egg Hunt all about London this spring and tomorrow is the final day to see all the eggs together in Covent Garden. I had spotted a few on my weekly travels into town but hadn't time for a proper hunt so I decided to make a day of it one sunny weekend. My determination to find as many as I could before they were herded into the marketplace is proof that my inner child is alive and exceedingly well. She even tossed her toys out of the pram when she learned that the last official day for the hunt was the day before I planned to trek into the city to find them (think Veruca Salt. I managed to calm her down with a marshmallow bunny.).

Who says Easter egg hunts are just for kids!? I didn't find all of them, but the hunt was fun and took me to new places in the city that I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise. And really, isn't that what curiosity and adventure are all about?

Actually the best part of the whole adventure was getting to Coven Garden early in the morning, while the kiosks were still being set up and before the tourists arrived, to admire the eggcellent (you know I had to get a pun in there somewhere) artistry in relative quiet. London markets are fabulous when they're heaving with people, but I like them even better in those still early hours.

Hurry out and see the eggs before they're gone. In case you can't, enjoy them here. And if you work at a botanic garden or public park, don't you agree that this would make a fun and egg-citing spring-time fund-raising activity (hint, hint, wink, wink)?

Happy Easter!

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